There are a lot of "get rich quick" programs on the Internet today. The sad part is that many people are not satisfied with the programs because they did not read the fine print. Every offer needs to present a "terms of agreement" page with their offer. Take the time to read what the terms are and how they effect the money you will be making.

Nothing is free and subscribers should be courious about why an organization requires requires credit card information to send free information. If their program was that good and you were going to be totally safisfied why not just give you the information for free? The reason is quite simple, they need your credit card number to bill you on a monthly basis for their service.

Who makes money with this type of transaction? The service provider makes the money. In regard to testimonials, well, to be honest I can probably find people who could make a living selling anything. Knowledge and the freedom to act with that knowledge is the key to developing a successful online business, not paying fees to a company in the hopes they make you money.

Read the "Terms of Agreement" because it could save you a lot of pain in the long run.

Mike Kniaziewicz, MIS