You have the perfect business idea, so you start to market the idea. You create a great business logo and start to sell your product. The next thing you know you are receiving mail in your mailbox from attorneys and the government. As it turns out your idea was not as original as you thought and the legal owner of your trademark is now suing you for trademark infringement. The government is writing you because you are not licensed to operate a business in your state. Your hair is now turning grey and you might even loose your home and that retirement nest egg you have been working on all these years. This all could have been avoided with legal considerations.

Legal considerations for a startup business can be daunting. Should I create a sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, or an limited liability corportation (LLC)? What about a tax ID? LegalZoom is there to help. We used LegalZoom to form our LLC and save a great deal of money and obtained a peace-of-mind to conduct business.

LegalZoom offers all types of Business Formation Services. Now, we formed an LLC, which enables E-Business Juncture to have the flexability of a corporation while maintaining the distinction of family assets. LegalZoom also offers services for Incorporation and Doing Business As (DBA).

E-Business Juncture LLC is currently in the process of registering a trademark and seeking a copyright for our work. Intellectual Property is a hot topic now and into the future. You need to protect your ideas or someone else will take them for themselves. If they manage to register the ideas and you are unable to provide a timeline when you first started using the idea you may lose the idea. LegalZoom offers trademark, copyright and patent services to help you protect your ideas.

LegalZoom also offers other services for your family and other personal matters:

With LegalZoom you will enjoy privacy and piece of mind that your personal matters are all in order.

So, not only will you enjoy the lower costs associated with legal considerations by utilizing the service offered at LegalZoom, but also privacy and piece of mind. If you have a personal attorney that is fine. However, you will definitely want to check the price savings offered by LegalZoom!